Ceramic coating on single stage paint?

A question for the pro detailers on here:

Can ceramic coatings be applied successfully to single stage paints (i.e. paints without a clear coat), or does this not really work?

If it is OK, would the new Auto Finesse Caramics be worth trying to use myself?  As far as I’m aware, Auto Finesse make some decent products so I’d hope this is more than just a gimmick… Halfords have the range on sale currently.



I’m sure ChrisRS will be along soon (he fixed my contaminated paint when I first got my MX5) but some of these coatings have to be applied so carefully that if you don’t get it right you need to machine polish the panel to rectify the mistake. So it obviously depends how robust your single coat paint is.


I dont have any advice on the ‘AF Caramics’ range, as Ive never used it…It may be fine and easy to use

Single stage paints can be fairly tricky to polish, but when done and degreased with Paint prep,  should easily take a ceramic coat

I recommend a simple one…‘Gyeon Can Coat’. Very easy and fairly quick to apply but MUST be done in a warm dry environment and left to cure for 24 hours before its exposed to moisture

Buy it here and read the instructions. Its the easiest Ceramic Sealant you can apply BUT the paint MUST be prepared well first

You can give it a light coat of ‘Gyeon Cure’ after a couple of hours to protect it while the ‘Can Coat’ Cures (Read instuctions)

https://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/gyeon-q2-cancoat AND https://www.polishedbliss.co.uk/gyeon-q2m-cure

Picture of a car I prepped and applied can coat to:


That’s a beautiful job :slight_smile:


Thanks very much Chris, really appreciated

I’ll look into the Gyeon products that you suggested.

I think the AF version is meant for DIY home users, so it might be simpler to use, but it may also not provide as much protection as the one you suggested.  Overall I’d like something that will provide decent protection.  My paint is original and is now 24 years old, in good condition, but marks very easily.  I’ve heard that ceramic coatings are 4/5 times harder than clear coat, so I thought it would be a good option to provide longer term protection than the waxes that I usually use.

Thanks again for the help, and the job you’ve done in that photo is amazing 

Chris you say the car bodywork has to be properly prepared before use of the ceramic coat.
What does that entail?

I suggest a Machine Polish followed by a wipe down with Paint Prep or a dedicated product, like ‘Gyeon Prep’ There should be no product left on the paintwork or it will compromise the durability of the Ceramic Coating