Ceramic MX5ND's - Photos Please..!

When I found my 2018 MX-5ND last July and decided to buy it - It was the only Ceramic one available at the time on Autotrader! How rare is this colour, because I love it?! This is a very selective ask - But I’d like to see more MX5OC members ND’s in Ceramic… :slight_smile:
This is mine…


Not mine now but it was…

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Stunning and so clean? My current car ( Citroen ) is in the drive covered in a foot of snow right now? :heart_eyes: I’v never seen that colour on any car, really stands out? I’ve seen red pearl recently while looking, and thats gorgeous too.

I presume that being “ceramic”, all the muck just slides off… :rofl:


My 2016 Recaro limited edition, bit of a pampered pet with 3,000 miles & no rain…
Few subtle upgrades, BBR suspension & exhaust, small wheel spacers and fast road alignment, a blast to drive

Sorts out the huge tyre to arch gaps!


Do the spacers make much difference? What size did you use and could you use the standard wheel nuts?

Looks good by the way!

Yet to see a dirty Ceramic MX5…

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Only difference is to make it look better in the arch (plus the lowering), they don’t feel any different. Mine are 15mm front and 20mm rear. Spacers have recesses to bolt onto the hub like a wheel would, then have another 4 studs offset which takes the wheel (see link). The spacer registers on the hub for safety.Wheel Spacer Set, MX5 Mk1 2 2.5 & Mk4

Thanks, I am getting a new ND in March and have ordered the factory sports suspension and exhaust. will see what it looks like, but seem well made and straightforward to fit.

Hi! I have the Recaro edition in Ceramic … far too embarrassed to put a pic up at the moment but will do once it’s had a clean! :joy:

Hi Deb… This is my thread, so clean isn’t compulsory lol… :ok_hand:
Oh yes, welcome to the forums too :slight_smile:

:joy: :joy: OK … I will see what I can do! Thank you for the welcome! Looking forward to some of the get togethers in the warmer weather! :crossed_fingers:

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Warmer weather yes, and post-lockdown! :slight_smile:

Hopefully, not much longer! Stay safe! :blush:

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You too :slight_smile:

Pretty straightforward to replace springs at home and back box is dead easy.
Good luck with the new motor.

Day 1 of my first foray into MX5 world! Having had other sports cars this is simply awesome! Decided to show my new toy to my mate who was a farmer and ended up driving through mud!

Very nice and welcome! Oh and I hate dirt on my car too Arrhhhh! Many more awesome miles to enjoy… eventually :slight_smile:

Looks great! Here is mine in soft light! I need to have it serviced soon and wondered as I live in Marlow, Bucks if anyone knows a good place for servicing? Within 30 miles or so of Marlow…

Its my first Mazda MX5 and would like any advice! Thanks!

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Very nice… Am sure someone here can point you in the right way for a service in your area.
Getting nearer to the end of lockdown (Hopefully) and the freedom to enjoy our MX-5’s :slight_smile: