Certainly adds up

When I sold my mk2.5 rust wagon for £700 back in Feb, I was lucky enough to find a nice, but repaired write off NC PRHT for about the right money. It was in need of some love, but was in lovely condition underneath.
I spent £2700 on it.
Then followed the essential maintenance, all done myself so no labour cost (except alignment). Swapped the suspension, first to Bilstein B12, then to Meister, added an android auto head unit, new (cheap) wheels and tyres and so on.
Just did the sums and I have spent over £5900 so far. I got some money back selling the original wheels and suspension, and will get some more back selling the new Bilstein kit.
But damn… don’t tell the good lady that the ‘Do we want to spend that much’ cost to buy the thing is less than half what I have spent on it in the first three months of ownership.

Absolutely love it though, so as long as it doesn’t throw a rod or something, it is better spending the money and enjoying it than it sitting in the bank (or in my case sitting as two unused motorbikes that have gone to new homes).


It’s a hobby and hobby cost money …if I buy something the wife never says that’s nice but how much did that cost…I say I will tell you the price if you want to pay for it… :+1: :smile:


Yes it certainly does add up ,we’re on our third one now I think if I counted up what I’ve spent over the last 17 years it would scare the life out of me , but if you enjoy the car it doesn’t really matter we all have our hobbies and they do cost. Photographers can spend £5000 or more on one lens,must admit if you have an understanding wife it helps a lot. :grin:


got the T shirt for spending on the 5’s. As everyone says, they’re a hobby to a lot of folks and what a nice hobby to have!

Hi Barrie , yes they do give you great enjoyment money can always be replaced the most important things in life are family and health.


A great maxim, and so true :+1:

Now what can I buy next. :joy:

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Spent ( over & above usual servicing overheads on both over 15 years) around 7k on my Mk1, and not far off on the wife’s Mk2.5.
Conversely, have not paid ( over 15 years jointly) around 80k plus in monthly debt, depreciation, interest, extended warranties, you name it.
Saved (many) thousands on early end-of-mortgage instead. :wink:
Which will always be my personal way of “dealing with it” (Cough) :zipper_mouth_face:


( Old Fives Matter)

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