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Thank you Virgin. After ages (40 year’s?) using using their e mail address they have now decided to terminate 2 of my accounts. So I set up new Gmail accounts and try to change my details on the owners club site. Only to be greeted by a page of error message saying contact your site administrator. I don’t know if the error is temporary or if someone can help. Anyone know?

Contact membership administration, your forum account will be linked to your membership record


I hope that wasn’t a ‘blueyonder’ email address, if so I will be in a pickle too, Virgin email is a bit of a pain Gmail is far better for online email.

All the best Roy

Virgin is an absolute Pain in the ■■■ started with BT then went to virgin for ten years after some Rather bad blood on there side and wanted to put up our viewing from £79.00 a month to £127.00 I decided to leave they would not allow the 3 email accounts to stay open but also ~Refused to let us transfer our land line telephone number that we have had for 30 years …I never had so much trouble from one company but we did manage to get compensated for the Over billing for the last few years…which provided the last two years of subscription with another company … the best bit was when we got our new number the nuisance calls from virgin stopped …

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It’s a standard thing with Virgin, you give up being a customer so have to give up your emails (eventually) with them. About 3 months if I remember before they go, ours were NTL though. Strange you couldn’t transfer your landlines number, we left them for Sky earlier this year number transferred.
We had our landline with the only company back in the day, Post Office, BT, whatever they were named then transferred to Virgin, transferred back to BT openreach via Sky. Still got the same number from the 70’s.

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Roy, no they were that we had used for ages, like since the beginning of time. It’s not so much losing the address but the fact that there was no warning or communication from them at all. We first started with dial up when we moved house and the ordinary tv signal was next to useless and we got tv from NTL who supplied the signal down the phone line. One advantage seemed to be that the dial up speed was improved, maybe due to the thicker cable from the street pole to the house and the dedicated cabling for the tv signal…

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Thanks Ian, will do once we return from the USA, if they let us out…