changing the stud pattern

Hey I wonder if anyone could help me. I am really struggling to find some alloys I likefor my NC. The main problem is I am looking for 16s, as I feel that 17s would look a little silly when he is lowered. So I was thinking about how easy or difficult it would be to change the stud pattern. Obviously it’s not something I would be doing personally, but I just wondered if anyone else had any experience doing this.

I’m quite fussy as I’m wanting either dished or concave wheels and there’s not many to go at for 5x114.3 16".

Thanks in advance.

Personally I think they look better on 17’s but have a surf around RareRims site, I think you can upload a picture of your car and then see what various wheels look like on it.

The problem you have is that modern cars steering geometry usually has offsets that do not give dish. If you want dish you are most likely going to have to do a fair bit or arch work.

Lowered cars lend themselves to bigger wheels. 

Its more excited the fact that the wheels available just don’t have dish. Or if they do its not the style I like. I’m not looking into getting 9j wheels or anything, I had some axe ex3s on my ds3 and they had a bit of dish. I’m just not wanting alloys that are flat like the standard ones. I’m just being far too fussy obviously. But I dont like to follow the crowd. I’m sure ill find something!

The problem you have is that the standard wheel is a 7" width. At a zero offset though would give you approximately 3.5"  less the thickness of the hub and then spokes. 

However the standard offset is a touch over 2" inches so you only have 1.5 inches to work in any dish and by the time you take out the hub thickness and spokes that is why they are virtually flat. 

So pretty much flaring the arches out more  is the only way to get some dishier wheels with the offset that it is? 

You are never going to get something like the old Wolfrace Slot Mag. 

A standard car will take a 215 tyre on a 7.5 rim 40ET before you need to start worrying about arches. Tyres from different makers are different widths so you may find that certain tyres will allow that ET to be 35 in 215 width and obviously 205 is that bit narrower so might be able to go to a 30. The permutations are vast.