changing the turret oil

Hiya, I have a Mk1 Eunos 1.6 from 1990, how do I change the gearbox turret oil please? Never heard of it before.


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you would then find this

Thanks for that, I did search before I posted but missed that, sorry.

 On the subject of changing the turret oil can someone of greater experience explain why we can’t use a “lighter” oil instead of the normal gearbox oil  in the turret.  Most people experience a notchy gearshift until the oil warms up so why use an extreme pressure oil in the turret which is not an extreme pressure area?  I am tempted to just use an engine oil which, being thinner, will not take so long to ease up.  Any thoughts/comments will be appreciated - thanks, Doug 

You can use any oil you like in the turret, it not critical. I suspect most cars driven by non enthsiasts have been running dry or on 20yr old oil.

Frankly, cooking oil will do. Actually, as far as I remember, Mazda specifies the same oil as the diff, not the gearbox…but all the same, you’re right. It just needs to lubricate and prevent corrosion.

 I’d stick with similar to the gearbox, when it goes dry where do you think it ends up? Big Smile The notchiness comes from the synchrohubs rather than the selector rod movement, dry selector linkage won’t help but gear oil will be be fine.

Just use some engine oil, 10/40-10/30 semi synth will more than do the job fine,or what ever you are using in her heart,there is no need to go to deep in what to use for this.


So where do you think it ends up?

BTW I agree with MM any lube is better than non, a number of the cousins over the pond pack the turret with a light grease!



Past the selector rod oil seal and down into the box, wouldn’t want Mazola in there, the cousins can do what they want, I’ll stick with what Mazda say Thumbs up

 Agreed with the grease?but different weather??? but there is no need to follow Mazda with the diff oil Rich, you will find that the oil from in there as gone walk about because of the damaged /split low gear shaft seal, find one that is not damaged undo it and you will find old used up black smelling oil still there, not gone into the gearbox through any seals buddy.

As said engine oil for this is more than fine for the job and will not bring on any problems…time tested be many mazda menders over the many years.



Hi Wayne, sorry, not on about the diff or following you, as you said why go deep into this, it’s pointless, use gearoil like Mazda say and is probably on your shelf already Big Smile

 No worries buddy all is well at wayne mansion, Thumbs upWink