Chatsworth in the Rain.



Just back from the National Rally  a word of thanks for all the organisors who did a sterling job in bad weather.Lots of nice motors and old friends.Even the weather perked up a little.




post some more if you can 

 Did anyone get stuck in the chewed up grass etc,


I was looking for you buddy, I thing you nearly run me over when you were leavingWink.



Yes ,post some more Thumbs up





Thats all folks…loads of other members with cameras will no probably list some images later, so this is just for starters…hope you like…


 Nice one Ste.Thumbs up

How did the roadster run,everyhting ok now?

 Hi Wayne…ran sweet as a nut, snake pass was no problem…problem seems to have gone away for the moment, thanks for all your advice…

Snowy   I can see my car from here


first car third row

Right behind you mate, 1st car 4th row (obscured by the tree…DOH)


 Brilliant,what a great drive,pity about the weather but the view on approach to the house from the road with all the "5’s"was amazing,and the hood guy from Manchester,£425 fitted and only £30 extra tocome to Birmingham to do it.MX-5 Parts excellent,in fact really enjoyable.


did anyone count them?! id be hatd pushed to estimate…!

 Sure did, must be the name, I’m a polly anna too (’-’)

had a really great day though, just joined and didn’t know what to expect, was very pleasantly suprised.


 Where was the photographer taking the pictures topurchase if you wanted to?

Good shots and i can see mine and pals.
In first… yellow arizona… and cars surrounding.
I’ll put up a few in due course.

My first rally and totally amazing.

Wayne: you were pointed out to me in the distance by Alan (new Miyako)

hello and thank you to the two as we entered the house… one from NW and the other from C&NW (have a blank on names… rob, i believe)

one to be going on with
If you’d prefer i start my own just sing out Big Smile

In terms of numbers… seriously - best part of a 800 -1000.
Roughly 300 in that pic. and that was just a snippet never mind what was to the left, right and overspill!