Chatsworth rally raffle tickets ???

 Hi all, I was just wondering if any one knows whats going on with the raffle ticket prizes, ? as i was contacted by a lady on the phone from the club, who told me i had won something . but  did not know what i had won as there had been a mix up or something and were trying to sort it out, just wondered if any one could shed some light on the matter, As she has not been in touch since, and i didn’t manage to get her telephone number.

Great Club by the way keep up the good work. Nige.


yes there was some mix up with the raffle prizes, unfortunately Jill has gone away for a well earned holiday, if you could PM Burton he has taken over sorting this out



 I also recieved a similar call.


Am back and have got things sorted re the raffle, so if  I have not contacted you or you have any queries please send me a pm.