Cheap and reliable welder in Leeds?

I have been quoted 350 quid for an estimate of 6 hours of welding on both the chassis legs. If you guys think it’s a fair price, I’ll take the offer as I like the garage as the staff is helpful and friendly (Mondeo man in Ls12). However, I’d like to ask on this forum as you guys are more knowledgeable than I am. Do you think it’s a bit expensive or is it the average price? Any recommendations? 

Doesn’t sound like a bad price to me, especially if you can trust the guy.

When I did mine last Christmas it took way more than 6 hours just to remove all the bits and pieces and indeed replace them afterwards, flush rad etc.

Thats before a single slice with a cutting disc or a metal fold to make the new chassis members.

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This is just for the front legs, apparently. I don’t know, the mechanic has told me it would take around 6 hours of welding and he would charge me 350 quid. Does that sound fair to you? Thanks



I would suggest you contact CBS Autos - they are in Nelson in Lancs

See -

Lots of folk from both Yorkshire Ridings and the North West areas of the owners club use Carl

and lots of folk will recommend him

If he’s too far away, give him a call to check what you’ve been offered, he give you honest advice with no BS