Cheapest Fully Comp MX5 insurance in UK?

Just had my renewal come through from Hastings Direct . Fully Comp for my wife and I on my Mk 2.5 with protected 9 yrs+ No claims discount £88.76p .
We are both OAPs, with clean driving licences and mileage limited to 2,000 annually but I thought that must be close to the cheapest MX5 fully comp insurance in the UK. . Can anyone beat it ?

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That’s a good price👍🏻.

Mine was £170 from Hastings last month with annual mileage of 5,000.

£54.90 through one call insurance broker for MK1 2000 limited mileage classic policy.

Wow , I thought £88 76p was cheap , they will probably be paying you next year .

I also managed £30 cash back through top cash back. So £25 that includes breakdown cover…

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I managed to get home insurance for £38 one year with Admiral when I took out a multi policy, includes the 2 cars.

But no I haven’t managed to get MX-5 insurance or any other car that low. I try every year to keep under £200 for each car, managed it so far.

Think I need to shop around more, also pensioners.:+1:

That sounds like an extremely competitive premium especially if it’s not a classic car policy.

I’ve always had a 3000 mile limited mileage policy, but I’m just getting renewal quotes and increasing the mileage to 7500 hasn’t increased the premium at all.

Just Me & The NB 2.5 Fully Comp/Similar Protection/No Claims etc


Apologies For Numptiness :thinking: :upside_down_face:

If that’s the cheapest I could get per month I’d give up driving and catch the bus, wouldn’t be that much fun though would it😁

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My figure was per year but from Jim 1 's post it looks as if I am paying too much .

Crumbs - I Thought Mine Was Good at £163.31 p.a.

However, Income Improved Since Last Renewal So Can Afford One Off Annual Amount Instead of DD…Come Renewal…Probably Helps ?

Appreciate U Raising This Matter :+1:

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Might be if you caught a London touring Bus with no roof on or perhaps one at the sea side ditto.

I got £143 from Hastings last year, fully comp for 5000 miles, with one years NCD. Will be interesting to see what they come up with on renewal next month.