Check your insured value?

Maybe it doesn’t matter - unless you have an agreed value policy, they should pay you the market value anyway in the event of a write off. However, I just got the renewal for my 2017 Arctic, so I had a look…

They had populated the current value as £10,000. I know that’s a bit low so I searched for offer prices. I found 5 for sale and to say I was shocked…a couple of years ago they were going for £13k-£14k with a trade in value of about £11k. I thought overpaid slightly for mine at £18.5k when it was 6 months old with 4,000 miles, on the basis that it was the car I wanted. Looks a bargain now, assuming they can get near the money they are asking.

9,400 miles - £18499
9,200 - £18700
6,300 - £18699
24,900 - £17700
35,000 - £17499


I won’t be selling - new ones have gone up a lot, which is no doubt part of the explanation, and mine is better anyway - 50Kg lighter (no i-ELOOP) and rust-protected.

Hi John
i agree with you.i have a 2019 ND2.i think the new list prices are reaching the bonkers region for what is a small sports car,could soon price themselves out of the market. And i think when they no doubt give it a face lift or launch te NE the prices will shhot up further. Simon

Agreed value and few photos Rule OK for me.

I am going that route at renewal if I can find a Company to take it.

I will look to the Kit and Classic Car specialist brokers, e.g. Adrian Flux, Footman James and the like to see what I can get.


Remember there is a big difference between what you would sell your for privately and what they cost to buy from a proper dealer. Effectively, what the insurer normally offers is how much you would get for the car not what it would cost to buy retail. This always causes arguments !

I just did a “we buy any car” and they offered over £22,000 for a 3 year old car which was £26,500 new.

One to remember IF there is an insurance claim, they will try a low offer from Glasses Guide (can’t blame them, of course; we will always try for the cheapest!) and then will increase during negotiations.

However, remember, one of the 6 Principles of Insurance is to put the person making a claim “back in the position he/she was immediately before the accident” so you can demand a settlement that would enable you to be in that position.

OK, that reminded me of the old joke “I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my Granddad; not screaming like his passengers on his bus”

The Insurance Ombudsman would (99%) agree with restoring you to a no-loss / no-betterment situation.

Note : It is worth getting the Legal Expenses Cover either on your motor policy or household policy or separately.

I have a separate policy with Guardian Breakdown (£15 a year) which is cheaper than the price quoted on house/motor policies.
I also have breakdown cover for my Eunos with them as they have no problems giving full cover on a 29 yo car, inc Europe cover.

Guardian Breakdown

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I always insert the price I think I would have to pay to buy another (in standard form) from a dealer. That price and what’s offered I guess will always be debatable but at least it’s a figure to work to. So far I’ve not been in the situation to have to claim (touching wood and all that) so I maybe way out in my thinking on what happens at pay out time.

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I have a 2004 Indiana which are getting rare and prices are increasing, will my Insurer just see our car as market value of £1500.

Any suggestions if I need to do anything, or do i just fight my corner if I need to make a claim?