Chinese Tyres

Although I always said I would never buy cheap unbranded tyres for my vehicles, I can’t help but be tempted by the reviews on these Chinese Tyres looking at the reviews and scores shown below


These seam to outscore many names we are all familiar with…so are there some decent products amongst those that we traditionally are cautious about?

These can be had for half the price of the bigger brands.

uncontrolled feedback like that can be easily gamed,


I would ignore that and look for an independent test


I asked this question a while back. Noticed a lot of Chinese tyres coming in and getting good reviews so I asked the question…Once the abuse I received from some within this club died down, no one had actually answered the question so I shall be watching


Seems to me that the answer is fairly obvious.

In addition to that, when you google on these tyres, there’s very little, other than questions about are they any good at the cheap price.

And the suggestion that they are a tyre that is marketed under various brand name of convenience flags. 

Go ahead - buy them, fit them - just hope you don’t hurt yourself or anybody else when they let you down just when you need them. God almighty - we’re driving round in cars costing a lot of money, bought in the main for their handling characteristics, and you can think of scrimping on the only bit of contact between you and the road !  IMHO I think there should be a ban on Chinese tyres ASAP  Colin


Save your money and buy something better. The car deserves better.i HAVE Avon ZZ5 on my NC.

They dont cost a huge amount and ive found them to be great.

Deja vu (Not the CSN&Y album)  Chinese tyres are rubbish - period!?  Seems only yesterday to me that the same was being said about Japanese and Korean tyres!  Now we swear by them!  In all probability there are some good, some bad and some lethal, so let’s not condemn everything that is made in China just because…!  Suck it and see!

   Very true - but they were crap and got better - the Chinese have  not got better yet, and until they do keep well clear , and let others be the test beds.  After all you can get Kumhos for fifty quidsish - how cheap do you want ?  Colin



Kumho is a South Korean tyre company but they have tyre plants in China.

Pirelli is a subsidiary of Chemchina

Good and bad products come out of China and the same can be said of any other country.



Well well…at least some feedback now even if some opinions seam to be cast in stone.

I did say that I had always expected to use known branded tyres on my vehicles ( bikes and cars) but simply sought views on an alternative… perhaps optimistically hoping that someone may have experience of this tyre brand and model.

We all have to live within our means don’t we (that’s why we have mx5s) and it is just possible that something is on the market that could be better than we may expect…(like mx5s). I remember when Maxxis hit the market with many being sceptical but many now using for both two and four wheeled vehicles.

There is other positive feedback on these tyres on the web but I must admit that at this moment I do feel that I will not be buying them…but it’s good to generate discussion…even with the acidic feedback that some feel necessary to provide.



A fellow Crosby Stills Nash and Young fan ?  Who’d have thought it ?


Probably not what some posters in this thread want to hear…BUT

I fit Jinju (Chinese) Winter Tyres on my 5 from late October to March

I was recommended these by a highly respected Local Tyre Company…and I have to say, despite being sceptical, they have been excellent

Good grip in all road conditions, zero aquaplaning apparent

I really do recommend

There has been considerable progress made in recent years in the manufacture of so called ‘Budget’ brands. There is no need to be sceptical any more


Isn’t brand snobbery wonderful?..I know I’m guilty of it!


Expect the unexpected!

Uncontrolled reviews from people who have purchased the cheapest tyres they they can and are pleasantly surprised that they are not absolutely terrible.

They are probably not very good, but they have exceeded expectations, so get a naturally higher score.

Thing is, most folks rarely even go near the point where their tyres will let them down in normal driving conditions, and when you do find yourself on the limit I can’t imagine anyone thinking ‘I’m glad I saved a few quid on my tyres’.


My goodness, what polarized opinion.

There is no reason at all why these can’t be good, bad or indifferent, the place of manufacture has little to do with it but more about understanding the market they are going too. Michelin is not beyond making poor performing tyres.

Tyre reviews however are a totally different thing. None of the 10 contributors were evergoing to fit a Continental or Michelin tyre, or for that mater a Hankook (who also manufacture tyres in China) If you read those reviews most either record a very low mileage or none at all.It is only when you are near or beyond the limits of your chosen tyre that you know if your choice was right for you or not. People crash on Dunlop just the same as Triangle tyres.


 After all you can get Kumhos for fifty quidsish - how cheap do you want ?  Colin


Just to show how it is impossible to get realistic reviews of tyres, or should I say tyre makes - I’m just back from two weeks in Canada, driving  Dodge Journey 4wd SUV.  It was running on Kumho Solus ‘all weather’ tyres. They would get the ABS kicking in on dry roads if you were not very gentle on the brakes.  So, I’d have a poor opinion on Kumho, based on one tyre on one vehicle.  





Hey JS, why have you left my name in Colin’s quote?  

Just swapped our second car for a 3 year old 33k mile one owner Nissan Juke 1.6. Tyres are 225/45/18. Rears were Continentals which were down to 2mm so needed replacing, probably the originals. I’m of the opinion that you go for something decent with tyres. I’ve had good experience of Barum tyres and they were around £85 each. Similarly Avons were around £95. However I couldn’t resist Uniroyal Rainsport 3 at around £105. Anyone on this forum knows they are pretty damn good.

Front tyres still have around 3.5 to 4mm so don’t really want to chuck them yet. However they are Chinese made Landsail branded. Sounds like a nightmare particularly when you can get them fitted for around £55 each. However I’ve tested them as well as I can. The Juke is pretty much a box on wheels and front wheel drive. Previous experience of similar vehicles tells me that setting of rapidly on a wet road just results in lots of wheel spin. Not so in this case. I’ve tried pushing it out of corners in the wet too, only where I’ve got space if it understeers obviously. It’s not exactly what you would call a performance car but I’ve done my best to push the Landsails and dry or wet, they grip great and give that sense of confidence that I want from a tyre.

When the Landsails are closer to 2mm I’ll replace them with another pair of Uniroyals. Can’t bring myself to do anything else. Like for like would save me £100 on the pair but is it worth it? I don’t think so. Having said that I’m pretty impressed with the Landsail 388. Not saying they are the best but I’m sure there are plenty worse.

So if the question is Chinese tyres, are they any good? The answer is maybe.