Christmas Lights and City Sights Run Dec 17th *ROUTE INFO ADDED!*

A brand new concept in runs for the Eastern Region!

A evening run through Norwich City centre, passing tourist hot spots, christmas light displays and probably playing havoc with the traffic and shoppers!

Our first night time city center run will be on the 17th December 2008 leaving at 20:30!

Leaving from the Countryman PH on the A140, Tasburgh, a few miles south of Norwich.

Santa Hats Will Be Optional! [G]

The run will leave from the December Norfolk meet and last about an hour, the length is only around 20 miles but it will be a thick and fast set of directions, so i would suggest printing them off as soon as possible, giving them a good read through and bringing along a willing co-driver!
This is probably going to end up a tad chaotic, but in true Eastern Region style I suspect this will just add up to even more fun!

Directions Xmas Lights Run Miles  

Directions Xmas Lights Run Km’s

The sight of a procession of roof down, Santa hat wearing MX-5’s cruising through one of our regions biggest cities is one not too be missed!

Attendees So Far:

  1. Jamie and Claire
  2. Martin
  3. Jude
  4. Katiekeks
  5. Captain Muppet
  6. Kev Allen
  7. Ady and Gill  
  8. Shiney Steve
  9. Becky
  10. John and Sue
  11. Ken Ward
  12. James and Mandy
  13. Mike
  14. Peter
  15. Matt Mac
  16. R. Robbie
  17. Colin W
  18. Simon
  19. Neil and Jennie

Just post a reply on here, PM, or E-mail ( and i will add you to the list.

Check above for route info [:)]

I’ve added myself to the list Mr Tink…

So who has their hat sorted?

Will need a very warm hat if the weather stays like this.  It must be my age but i really hate the cold weather, I reckon Geoff boy Walton has the right idea… 

we’ve got our hats, and the xmas tree for the car. [:D]

The hardtop will be firmly on though. [H]

Looking forward to this run.

whats the point of a hat if you have the hard top on !!! >>!??? ?? !   [;)]

I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that if there’s no hardtop i’ll be going on my own !! [:P][:|]

Everyone will see the hats … and the xmas tree. [H]

Jennie and I will be coming with hats, tree, lights and christmas songs on stereo, so Jamie will you add us to the list.  There will be no hardtop and hopefully able to have roof down


Sorry it’s late notice Jamie, but due to financial stuff i’m gonna have to miss this run.
Hope you all have a good time … catch you all in the new year. [:D]

Mad, MAD, it was… and that was just the hats…!

Cheers for that Jamie, we all enjoyed it, and the Christmas lights of Norwich are very impressive even if we were going around so fast they were just a blur… [:O] 

And as for my near death experience, WHO PUT THAT ROUNDABOUT THERE…???  [*-)]

A fitting conclusion to ER08 and here’s to the next exciting year…   [Y]

Well, that was a laugh - thanks for organising it guys. Sorry I didn’t make it back to the pub, but I badly needed some sleep.

I fitted new rear tyres just before the run - I had a terrifying lack of grip (mostly terrifying because of the potential for points on my licence) and really stuggled to keep up round the roundabouts, even though the pace was slower than most of the other traffic wizzing round the city.

The route was pretty, but not welded diff freindly! All that juddering round the tight corners! I need to get a proper diff for next time :slight_smile: I also need to get the roof off to join in the banter with the pedestrians, one of whom made my day by saying “look at that one, what a peice of s**t” - no argument from me on that one…


See you guys at the planning thing next year, have a good christmas.

 Nice one Jamie, we both really enjoyed that[:D]

Thanks Jamie for a lovely evening.  We both enjoyed it and was really worth the trip from Essex.

 It wasn’t too fast, although I was near the front.


sounds like you all had a great time …pity we couldnt make it but it clashed with works christmas dinner (even though would of rather been on the run) hope you all have a good christmas and see you in the new year

 teresa jase and chloe

Strange thing about convoys, they are faster at the back for definite !!!  I think its because you get held up at junctions all the time and then have to play catch up a lot… 

If you remember Martin, that is why I always used to follow from behind. Great fun catching up, until the convoy leader makes a stop and leaves the tail hidden round a bend.This is where it happened

and this is the road surface


Yes, I remember that well Geoff… !!! 

We went on a Christmas lights run last night with the 702 FJ Crew complete with our own lights! Think you should do this next year! Not sure about the snowman though! Been sat at this for 10 minutes now and can’t work out how to post this link!