Chrome fuel filler doesn't open

Afternoon all,

I’ve found a number of threads mentioning sticky hinges, (doesn’t apply), and one thread from 2017 which matched my situation, (but had no conclusion…)

My chrome filler cap simply doesn’t pop up when the lever is pulled in the cabin, needing some acrobatics to press on the hinge while pulling the lever, in order to open it to fill up.

The thing is simply missing the pop up bit. Would I be right in thinking this is the part in question? It would be nice not to have to try to reach both points when filling up!

If this is wrong, I’d really appreciate being pointed in the right direction for the relevant replacement part!

Thanks in anticipation.

Depends on what you have. If you have the Zoom/Brainstorm/Cobalt cast part for the Mk1, it tends to be limited by gravity.

Thanks Saz,
I have a MK2.5, with the chrome item included as a standard part. It’s designed to pop up when the release is pulled from the centre console, but doesn’t…

Sorry not to have included that detail! :upside_down_face:

That would seem to be the correct part but I would say the original part is still there.
If it were missing, the flap would not stay down at all.
You will probably find that the pin has jammed with corrosion and is not free moving. If you clean up and lubricate will probably sort the issue out.

I had this problem with my NC. Solved by adjusting metal ‘spring’ inside cap to push on the cap more.
This was after checking that the release mechanism inside the boot was correctly seated in the notch.

I realise that this is probably the retaining pin which holds the lid closed, which is not what I want!

The lid stays closed quite well and, if I pull the lever inside the cabin, the mechanism moves fine and allows me to open the lid.

The issue at hand is that pulling the lever should result in the lid popping up about a centimetre to allow me to lift it fully open once I’m out of the car. This initial movement … doesn’t!

Hi Kerry,
I suspect there should be some form of spring involved, but I also suspect that whatever spring I should have is actually gone altogether.

What I’d like to do is to replace that spring popup mechanism, but I’m stuck trying to work out which part is missing or should be replaced.

I’ll keep looking, but will still hope for some wise soul to pop up with the relevant information!

Hi Jitsuka
the ‘spring’ is a piece of metal on the opening side (opposite hinges) that pushes the cap open. it is a fairly straight length so can be adjusted/bent to be closer to the cap. I can attempt to post a photo of this tomorrow if it will help.

Hi Jitsuka,
If the photo uploaded correctly, this is the “spring” - flat piece of metal shown between the two holes, that pushes the lid open. It can easily be bent further upwards. I hope this helps.
Unfortunately I do not have any more information as this was fitted by a previous owner.

Outstanding contribution. I’ll check it today. :blush:

Hi Jitsuka

How did you get on, have you fixed the problem?

It would be good to know and would help others in future when searching for answers.

Just in case it helps avoid acrobatics in trying to pull the console lever and open the lid simultaneously, there’s a “trigger” handle on the back of the release pin which is accessible from inside the boot. If you reach in, you can hook a finger around the release and pull it open from there.

Here’s the mechanism from my Mk.1 when I took it out to lubricate it as it was inclined to jam open:

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I too have a Mk2.5 with a chrome filler. It too was sticky and got to a point where it would not popup. So when I did get it open i sprayed the hinge and the release plunger, under the hinge, with WD40 it helped but had to spray more on the little black plunger under the hinge part of the filler. I used a flat blade screwdriver to push it in while completely coating with WD40. It now pops up every time the cabin release is pulled. P.S. the picture above of the red car is nothing like the Mk2.5 filler, that bit of metal just is not there. Hope this helps.

A known issue with hinges on chrome caps. Regular oiling keeps it sweet. Mine is a Mk2.5 also.