Chrome Windscreen Surround - Fitted at last

With the weather so good yesterday we managed to fit this. With a little help from some great mates. We think it looks good. Comments welcome! 


Very nice indeed… thinking of doing this to the Mk3 when I get one next year.

Looking good.

very nice, do they do such an item for a mk2??

They do indeed.

Not cheap though, but worth every penny [:D]

I love it more than I love my own mother! [:P]

Very nice, next have a look at the polished SS wiper blades and jet washers from MX5Parts.

saw an mx a couple of months ago parked one evening in my town, the screen pillars really stood out,  i like the look , seems to finish that area off, ( no coment from chrome whores please ), are they in 1  -  2  -  or 3 pieces nick  very nice,  i may even forego me christmas socks, pants, whisky,. aftershave  book  etc, for one meself  [:D]

Hiya, it comes in 3 peices and very easy to fit. Two reasons I got it, 1: the surround had some rust and 2: they look the mutz. Got rid of the rust first.

So pleased with the look.

Aaargh, this forum doesn’t have a drool or a fwoooaaarrr type smiley so I’ll make do with a sticky out tongue and a cool dude instead [:P] [H]
Simply gorgeous.

 I love that more than I love Roadster Robbies mother too [Y]

My 'er indoors let me use the car today to do a wonderful 350 mile round trip, noticed some admiring glances and the more I see it the more I like it.

Hi from a newbie, surround looks excellent, how much and where from, if I am not being too rude?




Hi there. It came from a company in Germany not cheap mind 249 Euros.



 i know this is now a year on,but anyone else fitted these,before i take the plunge,ie  long term results etc…

Well, mine has been on for over a year now and no problems at all. Still stuck fast and still looking the mutz nuts.

And I think they are now cheaper.


Certainly are, you’ll now get to keep one of 200 Euros…

OK, here’s my <st1:place w:st=“on”><st1:city w:st=“on”>Dakar</st1:city></st1:place> with the Chrome windscreen surround temporarily fitted to judge the effect.<o:p></o:p>

What do you think, not a bit too much??<o:p></o:p>


Personally I love the look

 Seems to work on black, other colours though I’m not so sure.