CINEMA NIGHT (11/02/2016)


Location: Comber

When: 11/02/2016 19:15

Please note: There is no Club meeting next week, but we have instead organised a Cinema Night next Thursday evening 11 February at the private Victorian Cinema just outside Comber.

We have decided that there was not enough outstanding issues to warrent an actual Club meeting, however any minors issues can be dealth will at this venue.

In addition Peter and I will meet next week ourselves to ‘firm up’ the preliminary events that have been agreed/suggested so far and will issue a provisional calendar shortly afterwards.

Meeting in Comber Square at 7:15 to travel together to the venue. Cost is £5 per head to include refreshments and nibbles on arrival.

The Cinema can hold up to 50 persons, so feel free to bring a few friends along too if you wish.

This even is organised by Ivan & Ann. For further info you can contact Ivan on 07855737876


Steven & Peter

Joint A/C’s NI Area.

What film are we going to see?

That is a closely guarded secret. But it will be good!

Many thanks to the organisers for last nights film show, was a good night out.

So what film did you get to see?


It was “Waking Ned”

I genuinely didn’t know what it was going to be and didn’t try and find out. However it was an excellent choice, very funny and the bonus was a red MK1 MX-5 in the opening scenes - which believe it or not, was purely a coincidence.

A great night.