cleaning the MAF sensor after fitting KN typhoon?



Have just fitted a K&N Typhoon induction kit and research around the web has revealed the usual scaremongering about oil from the filter afecting the MAF sensor. Two questions then:

  • has anyone had problems with oil affecting the MAF after fitting a kn style filter and how do you know there is an issue?

  • How do you clean the MAF sensor if required?


 Hi Dave,

I’ve been running the K&N induction for well over a year now, probably more like two and have had no probs at all. If I’m honest, I didn’t even know a problem might exsist!

I fitted the Mk2 kit to my Mk1, not sure which you’re fitting too as I see your a two-'5 owner.

Hope this helps a little.


 Mine is on my MK2 , but I doubt it makes a difference. It shouldnt affect fuel economy, have you found any change?

Nothing to worry about, just enjoy your car [<:o)]


how easy is it to fit these things? and what would you recommend? Mine’s a 1.8s 1994 MK1.

sounds like scary stuff!!

 Dead simple, 40 minutes, will post some pics tonight! I’m sure they are no problem, typical internet if you look around theres always someone who has had a problem, but the many 1000s who havnt dont post!

Sounds good going through southwick tunnel on the A27 at 6750 in third!!!