Clear not just the drain holes

Just pulled trim and carpet away form B pllar to access holes for rust protection and noticed that the part in picture two and specifically the part arrowed on the picture was filled solid with muck.
This part of the trim, which sits at the top of the B pillar, ensures that water is guided to the drain holes and not down the B pillar.
As I am new to MX 5 and the brilliance that it is I’m glad if I can help others.
I also removed the sill kick panels and cleaned up the metal there. You can see a thin line of rust just developing.
I paid £2500 for my car. I saw a few at £1800 to £2100, but the chassis rails!!! I paid the extra for decent mileage, but more importantly, a pretty solid body.
What a car… I love it… even with the tickover issue!!!