Clock added

Since updating my head unit, I’ve been disappointed with quality of the clock function. It’s a very small display and almost illegible in certain light.
After searching the net, I found this little beauty on eBay.
Arrived today and I’m really pleased with the result. Compliments the piano black and the heater vents really well. In my opinion…:grinning:


That’s quite neet!

I have searched but couldn’t find this model on eBay. any chance you could post a link please?

That’s great, thanks. :slight_smile:

I agree about the tiny digital clock on the satnav screen so I fitted this. Note the Mazda logo too.
I should have done better with the double sided sticky pad provided so need to find that black felt tip pen.

The ad said it was visible after dark with luminous hands, but it isnt alas.

Here’s my cheap NA mod

if you’ve not guessed - it’s a ford clock off eBay

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small clock from wish cost £2.00 :smiley:

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