Club censorship

Have you noticed when you click to respond to a thread that the club doesn’t want you to see, it tells you that you have to sign in (when you’re already signed in)?

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You might be trying to reply to a thread in the members only section.

Censorship? The OC is many things but that’s a huge overreaction.

I am a member and I am logged in

Then possibly a cookies/technical issue.

“a thread that the club doesn’t want you to see” - What threads do you think the OC are keeping secret?

The forum doesn’t seem to know you are a club member (as distinct from being a forum member).

Well spotted @John_M!

@march - you’re username doesn’t have ‘Club Member’ next to it, so you’d be best off asking…who would it be @saz9961 please…to check on that for you.

Try logging out and then back in, that may clear it

You’ll also get logged out of you are logged in twice.

Try the usual with any website problems:

  1. Try a different web browser, so if you are using Chrome for example, try Firefox or Edge, just a different one.

  2. Reset the browser in the settings, clear the cookies, temp files and history.

On my screen the only person who doesn’t have the OC member tick on their avatar is “glosrich”

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John_M has the tick but he is only showing as a forum member but his membership is up to date, as I suggested earlier he needs to try logging out and then back in again


Tried logging out and back in - makes no difference. Comes up with this:

Welcome! You’ve reached content we provide for our members. Please login to continue reading.

and there’s no where on that page to log in.

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I’ve requested further assistance on this as there would appear to be a problem with your settings

Have you been able to rectify this problem yet please?

It would be really nice to be able to use the forum again, after all it’s what I’ve paid for.

The problem appears to be fixed. Without the “Club Member” setting, 90% of the forum was accessible.

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Hello mods/admin

I’m getting this message now, is it me, my membership or something else?