clutch judder

hi guys just bought a mx5 18l 2003 which suffers with clutch judder is there anyone in the shropshire area which could tell how to fix and what parts to use many thanks Harty1209

I can’t help with any garage recommendations.

Judder is generally caused by either oil contamination on the friction plate, or the friction plate has glazed with age.

In this instance, the only true course of action would be to remove the gearbox and replace the clutch.

And it’s not worth skimping on just replacing the friction plate, sods law will say that the pressure plate fails in 6 months time.


I guess you could have a sticking slave cylinder, but in my experience this would be unlikely.

They are very basic old-school engineering with their north-south drive trains.

Frankly, any decent & competent motor engineering garage should do it all in around 2/3 hours.

I ought to know given our 2002 fell within the warranty clutch/pressure plate replacement…well…3 times until the Main Dealer finally found out how to align the power frame properly.

These days Main Dealer “mechanics” are more just “fitters” than mechanics unfortunately.

You may want to Yellow Page or Google locally.

Don’t skimp on parts though with potentially iffy manufacturing sources.

Go Mazda original at all costs.

Is your Nevada low mileage?

if so, this is a known issue. Apparently Mazda changed the material composition of the disks during the facelift, and the newer disks are notorious for glazing and becoming juddery.  My last MX5 had that issue.

the solution is unfortunately a new clutch, which are around £100.  Unfortunately he fitting is a real pain, as there’s a number of items under the car that need to be removed for access. Mine took all morning.