Clutch pedal assembly

  1. My model of MX-5 is: Mk2
  2. I’m based near: Wimborne__
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Removing the clutch pedal assy

Hello all
I am plagued by, sounds like a creaking/dry joint noise coming in the more I use the clutch pedal. First thing the noise is not there then eventually in a short space of time it appears.
I really do not wish to take the pedal of from the bracket as it looks as though it could be a real problematic job especially trying to reconnect the spring in the correct sense.

The two nuts and the top retaining bolt came off and out no problem along with the plastic nut but the assy. would not come free. Further investigation showed the steering control column has at the base a bracket which is welded to the column and retained by two of the clutch pedal nuts which have been removed. The column looks to be in two halves, with the inner able to slide into the outer and facilitate removing itself from the clutch bracket assy. then allowing me to remove the complete clutch pedal assembly, but I cannot get this to move or slide. I cannot see any other nuts or bolts. Am I missing something here. Does the steering column tubing actually slide into one another or is it captive. Can someone shed some light on this for me as to how??
Cheers in advance

Some info here, including video link:

Thank you for the info Carl_s. I have since found out that this tube encapsulates the steering column and requires the column to be detached to allow for the removal of the clutch pedal assy. Thinking there has to be another way I came across a “U tube video” which replicated the exact same noise as I was experiencing. It turned out to be the clevis pin holding the push rod into the master cylinder. Removal was relatively easy, though to facilitate it I took the drivers seat out and lay on my back with head under the dash. A hammer was required to remove the pin as its notched at the last 2 mil to ensure a fixed location. Once removed fretting marks were visible on the shank. Using a high number wet n dry I took out the marks, greased it with copper grease fitted and secured it. Creaking, fretting noise gone.
Lot easier than removing the clutch pedal.
Thank you for the contact and info.


That’s good to hear ! well done for finding it and for posting back the result :+1: Nothing more frustrating than searching the forum and finding a post that describes your problem but with no resolution!