Cobalt Back Box Over 4 Years On (NC)

Thought it would help as some members are unsure what back box to purchase and we get so many asking about the Cobalt.

So my report on it…

I had cause to remove the Cobalt back box purchased January 2016 yesterday, a little fettling to the rear end. So a little update on what condition it’s in with pics.
Happy to report it’s in fine shape with a little pitting to the main box which was easily removed with a scourer pad. The pipework is discoloured which is expected and that has pitting too in parts. All welds intact and holding up, so are the hanger brackets, again these are pitted but also good. Pipe connecting flange is also in excellent shape, really clean.
I don’t do many miles in the car in winter, infact it’s been sorn the last two so maybe considering that it’s had an easy life.

So after said 4+ years and around 16k miles I’m happy. The best bit, I only paid £97 + delivery as it was on a special.:+1:

The pics…


That’s good feedback Mick. I was pretty impressed with the build quality when I received mine and it keeps nice and shiny. During one of the discount periods this really is a great value upgrade.

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Yes I try and keep it clean myself but not always possible for an old fart like me now.:grin:
It looked a bit grubby when I took it off which is expected, scrubbed up well though.