Cobalt exhausts for Mk 3

I cannot remember to whom I was speaking but at the time we were talking about the Cobalt Stainless Steel exhaust for Mark 3’s and the possibility of buying one when Moss Europe held a sale and included the exhaust in it. Well that has now happened and the sale price is 25% off so now it is available for £206. I hope this information reaches the right person.

It did reach the right person but i wish i hadnt seen it lol.I bought a new one off them last week £275 plus £9 delivery.I even emailed them about discounts but got no reply.Pleased im happy with it as id be right peeeeed after reading this.The only consolation is i bought off their ebay store so postage was £9 instead of £16 and it got delivered to my local Argos.

Join the club bought one a couple of weeks ago!

^^^ You’d be even more peed off if I told you how much mine cost from Moss.

It’s worth the money, nice sporty note.

Think I paid £190 ish but that was nearly 2 years ago.  

It was me who was asking about a Cobalt exhaust, but when I changed my 5 the new one came with a Mazdaspeed. Thanks Steve