Coilover height adjustment

I’ve been thinking for a while that I would have coilovers fitted to my 2009 PRHT at some point next year. However, the unexpected arrival of a tax refund this week has allowed me to bring this forward.

I’d like to retain the fairly comfortable ride that the car currently has, but also reduce the ride height slightly. We have a lot of large speed bumps nearby, so I wouldn’t want to drop the height much (-30mm might be too low). The ride height at present is close to 368mm on all four corners.

Given that I want to retain a fairly soft ride and can’t lower much, will coilovers make much difference? And if so, are meisterr the one to go for?

Fwiw, the vast majority of my driving is either city roads or motorway. I drive the car all year round, but only do just over 3000 miles a year. The car has done 40,000 miles in total, and has been aligned by a specialist garage last year.

This below applies to you and your car I reckon.
Plenty of other threads on the subject.

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Thanks Mick. Most of the material I have read shows coilovers with height adjustment beginning at minus 30mm. This seems too low for my purpose, and struggling to find anything that says I could reduce height by only 15 or 20mm.

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I had same dilemma, long story short now have MeisterrCRD and very happy.

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