NC Ride height comparison

Hi all,
I recently fitted Bilstein Eibach B12 kit, and have found it a touch low on a couple of occasions. So hoping a few of you would be kind enough to measure your hub to arch distances and post what springs/shocks you have and what ride height that gives.

So I’ll start.
2008 NC1 Sport PRHT with Bilstein/Eibach E90-55-010-05-22 kit. Gives 34cm ride height back and front:

33.5cm back and front.
MeisterR’s on NC sport (soft top)

I find I have to take it easy over speed bumps, I mean really easy, snail pace and it’s ok.

34.5 Rear.
36.5 Front.
2013 Sport Tech Nav and the standard yellow Billy’s.
I wouldn’t change mine to be honest as when we go away to europe the car is full etc etc.
We don’t dislike the handling and actually it’s very good on the tight mountain passes we have done with full load.
If the car is used for track days, then another matter of course…
Hope you can get a good compromise. :+1:

After I fit eibach -30mm springs I had 345mm between hub to arch. After fitting coilovers I adjusted to the same level. I find this is fine for clearance on all but the harshest speed bumps (my local council tip). Handles and looks great. Suspect another 10mm drop might cause some challenges

My recently acquired NC1 has not been lowered, and because there are many speed bumps near my home, I’m going to leave the ride height alone. The car goes over all speed bumps without problems, and travelling at15-20mph.

Centre of hub to arch 36.5 front, 36.0 rear. 2012 NC2 Sportech PRHT with Mazda’s standard factory suspension for that model (Bilsteins)

Thank,s, keep them coming. I have pasted this from Robbie answering a post last year:

“Mazda quote ride height measurements as being 356mm - 405mm for the front and 354mm - 403mm for the rear with 16” wheels and 351mm - 400mm for the front and 349mm - 398mm for the rear with 17" wheels. I assume Mazda accept that it can be anywhere within that range."

I assume the big range reflects difference between standard and sport models…?

2007 Sport PRHT with 30mm Eibachs & standard billys - 350mm at the front, around 340mm at the rear, with basically a full tank of fuel.

Standard fit suspension, 2009 2.0 Sport Tech PRHT, but on ‘Design 40’ 18" pimpmobile wheels and 215/40 tyres, no occupants and half a tank of fuel; 360 mm front, 365 mm rear.

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I have very similar to Mick, with same Meister setup and same measurements :+1:

34.5 cm front and rear with Meister CRD’s on 2013 Venture 2.0 PRHT.
clears everything except the most extreme speed bumps.

Must say I am surprised at the Meister setups, these are height adjustable so assume you have set this as the optimal heights?

Must be some Tein, or Koni/HR, or vmax owners out there. What are your stats?

38 front and 37 rear. Standard on, I believe, the yellow Bilsteins.

I found that 345mm was about the highest I could go with the Meister CRD while still having the minimum required thread engagement on the rear height adjustment collar. I wasn’t prepared to trade stance and looks at the risk of ground impact. It still allows the suspension lower arms to rest at a horizontal plane which is generally regarded as optimal for acheiving better alignment settings.

@mk375 Wow… you probably just saved me from an £800 disappointment. I am looking to set to about 355 so my current options are longer springs or a spacer on my Bilstien B8s, but Superpro spacers ain’t exactly cheap, and a full set of springs makes more sense. Waiting for Eibach UK to get back to me.
Still no heights from Tein, Koni or other types. Anyone?

2006 SE 2.0 - 355 front and rear std suspension with 30mm drop Eibach. Clears most speed humps and deals with pot holes. Seems to handle better with less roll and ride no worse.

2014 NC 2.0 Sport with Meister-Rs set at 34 F&R
Started with 32-33 and biggest problem was getting off ferry! No problems at 34 but yes, careful over speed bumps

My comments relate to VMAXX classic coilovers. Scope left for adjustment either way from the 345 level.

340mm front and 335mm rear, 2007 NC 2.0
standard Bilstiens with 40mm H&R springs. Haven’t grounded once, but do creep over humps.

360 front, 365 rear on Bilstein B6 and standard mk 3.5 springs. handling and body control excellent and never bottoms with full 3 weeks in Europe load