Lowering spring woes

Hi guys just looking for a bit of advice/feedback please. I’ve recently installed tein lowering springs ( 35mm kit ) on my 25th Anniversary but the front is sitting higher than the rears which had me a tad baffled so I emailed the company where I bought them from and after a bit of ’ research ’ they said it’s because of the weight of the power roof along with the lowering springs that has the car sitting high at the front.

Is this true? I’ve never heard of it and I know people that have fitted tein lowering springs to power top models with zero issues so any advice or feedback would really be appreciated.There is a kit on racing beat Europe site that says it addresses the ’ speed boat ’ effect so I’m thinking of buy it and getting it on the car.

Btw the listing for the kit on the RB site says that some manufacturers never adjusted their spring kits for the NC2 models and this is why I’m experiencing issues,HELP!!


I take it your car is an RF. Did they list the springs as being suitable for an RF or say that they were not suitable for an RF? Ideally the car should sit slightly higher at the rear to allow for a full fuel and luggage load.

No it’s a 25th anniversary edition, no the listing didn’t say anything about the spring kit being unsuitable, it was only when I brought my issue to their attention that they apologised and amended their website.

They have offered a refund but that’s a hassle so I’ll hopefully sell them online but the racing beat kit says it addresses the problem in having. I’m just wondering has anyone had this problem before?

Definitely not twisted bushes then?
I have Eibach 30mm lowering springs on my Mk3 PRHT and all is well.
Took it to Roddisons in Sheffield for fast road tracking after and no problems

Sorry, I got confused between the 25th anniversary and 30th anniversary models. As they have amended their website and admitted it was their mistake they should pay you for all the work that you need to correct your car unless it is an issue with the bushes having not been loosened and retightened when the car is sat on the ground like Meneer_MX25 states. If you can, I would try this first and go on from there. As I said earlier the car when empty should sit slightly higher at the rear than the front to allow for a full fuel and luggage load.

The garage assures me it was all done correctly and I’ve no reason not to believe them as I’ve used them before and never had problems. They aligned it afterwards for fast road settings also and it’s good.

They also installed racing beat ARB’s at the same time as the springs and that’s all good too so it’s just the issue of the car sitting higher at the front. It’s really frustrating but I’m trying to get it sorted

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Twisted bush syndrome perhaps, it’s very common.
Ask whoever fitted it if they slackened off the front upper arm to release the bushes when it was lowered.
I don’t think it’s possible to put front springs on the rears, but…

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Haven’t asked them that yet but they’ve fitted hundreds of these so I don’t think that would be the case but it’s worth a shot.

I had a good look around underneath with them and the springs are defo in the right place lol.

I’m thinking of buying the eibach 35mm kit from MX5 parts and get those fitted and see how it is after that. If its still high at the front it’s another issue

Have a read of this.
My 3.75 PRHT is slightly higher at the front on standard suspension.

This was mine before it had the wheel alignment done


Just an update to this,it turns out I had the wrong kit sent to me,that’s why she was higher on the fronts.Ive since had eibach 35mil springs fitted along with eibach spacers ( 25 rears and 20 mil on the front ) and I’m delighted with the results.

The car looks awesome and just the way I want it to look!



Looks spot on :wink:

That is the exact look I want to achieve with my 25AE! I don’t suppose you have the product codes or links to where you purchased them from? There looks like there’s so much scope to order the wrong springs :sweat_smile:
Cheers Brads

No bother, the springs are the eibach 35mil ones from MX5 parts.co.uk, the IL Motorsports backbox is the same.

I got the racing beat ARB’s from the racing beat Europe site and I got the eibach spacers ( 20mil fronts and 25mil rears) from driftworks UK site,

Sorry I have no links atm but if you want I’ll link the products later

Awesome, thanks mate. I’ll get Googling and see what turns up :ok_hand:t2:

Cool, any help and/or advice ask away or drop me a PM, happy to help

Are you running 215s I wonder??
It strikes me that doing that would fill the arches and widen the stance even more, while restoring some ability to clear road humps.
Plus, 215s are actually cheaper than 205s.

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You read my mind!! Currently on stock 205’s but pilot sport 4’s 215’s going on in a few months. The only concern I have is would a 215 tyre cause rubbing issues seeing as I have 20 mil spacers on the fronts and 25mil on the rears?

I’m thinking it shouldn’t be a problem but any opinions would be welcome

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Yes, have to say, the thought occurred to me too.

Perhaps, if there should be a problem, you could go to no spacer on the front and put the smaller ones on the back?

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Hmmm don’t think I’d want to do that. My local garage does tyres and tyre fitting, I might ask them to test fit a 215 tyre on the front and the rear and see what’s what.

It’s only 5mil so I can’t imagine it being a problem but getting a 215 test fitted might be the way to go…

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