Coilovers (again)

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __2011 1.8 Kendo
  2. I’m based near: __Lancashire
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Coilovers__

Looking for advice on which coilovers would be best for me. I only use the car for travelling to work on days when i can get the roof down, and going for a leisurely drive when not at work. The car will not be used for track or any kind of racing although i do enjoy a spirited drive where permitting. The suspension is the original fitted to the car. I would like her to be slightly lower, but i am happy with the ride. I was looking at the Tein Flex Street Basis, as they are well within budget. Or would i be better with just lowering springs?, I would rather change the whole lot if anything. Any suggestions on what would be the best for me? TIA. Chris.

Based on the experience of a good friend who recently had a Kendo for road only use (but he also drives a lot on track for a living), the Meister R ZetaCRD model at around the £830 mark comes highly recommended.


It reads like you are happy with everything the way it is, but want the aesthetics of lowering.
You need to think about this as lowering inevitably means that there is less suspension travel, and therefore the same suspension forces coped with over a shorter travel must mean the springs will be stiffer.

So shorter, stiffer springs will affect the ride and may (or may not depending on how good they are) overwhelm the standard dampers.

So lowering springs alone are likely to make the ride both harsher and possibly feel less damped.

There is a long thread on here I started about ride height on NC, search on my posts and you will find. There is a lot of good info in there.

Long and short of it for me was I went to a properly matched damper and lowering spring, found it too low and a bit harsh and ended up changing again to the MeisterCRD shown above by plip1953 and am ultimately very happy. Not a cheap exercise, but should last for years.

thanks for the input. I have looked at the Meisters too and from what i can find about them, they can also be used to alter ride stiffness. I think that i will end up getting them, as most of the reviews i have heard about them also recommend them. Once again thanks for taking the time to reply. Chris.

Fully agree with mctrucky. I went lowering springs and then switched to coilovers. I believe this happens a lot. It is possible to buy springs and if they are not for you, sell them on, whilst then going the coil over route.

I recently fit VMAXX Classics, being height but not damping ratio adjustable which are much better than lowering springs, but the ride is firmer than stock and you can’t change it. Upside is a sub £500 price tag

They gave me exactly what I wanted, lowering options (I went stock -30mm), great handling and replacements for 65,000 knackered bilstein shocks

You should think about what your needs are, lowering and or handling change, condition of existing, need for adjustability or not, budget. Decide what you want then select the right product that fits the budget

It’s the single most effective mod you can make to an MX-5 and one wish I had gone for from the off.
I had lowering springs added to what were getting on for 55k miles Bilsteins, they did the job for 2 years. Fitting MeisterR’s made it a firmer ride but with the option to soften it up if needs be and even alter the height.
As said not a cheap mod but if you’re keeping the car long term very worthwhile.