Colour coded parking gift

Just had a read of the The Mazda MX5 25th anniversary magazine we were given at the rally. It’s got loads of interesting snippets in it. I’m sure we can beat the biggest recorded parade of MX5’s mentioned on the inside front cover…and Im reading it while having a brew out of my commemorative mug…thanks again [(y)]

the key ring is pretty good to.

Glad they are going down well!

Those magazines are collectors items now and a special note of thanks go to Mazda UK for supplying these and other gifts for members at the event.

The mugs are a club one-off for all who parked in the area and gave up their car for the show, a thanks for taking the time to register to be part of it and to turn up on the day! It was a fantastic spectacle.

Sadly they are all gone now as there was only enough produced to cover the parking bays and couple of spot prizes so do look after them!


Apparently there is a very nice Mk1 on page 11

I wonder how that got there…




Well done Iain

Obviously there have been a few members photos posted, but I would like to think that this rare colour coded parking opportunity was officially photographed to include all the cars from the “cherry picker”. If there is such a photo, does anyone know if it will be made available.

click this and scroll down a bit.

Thanks Robbie.


Love the mag and mug - they are both GREAT many thanks guys … Cool

However Rosalind has taken the mag off me for a bit - muttering words like  ‘I want to read it as well you know’ …Surprised

I parked mine in the coded area but didn’t receive anything for it, have I missed something here?

Your pass told you to go to the Members tent after 2pm on the day.

thats right, and you would have found me there handing out the commemorative mugs and magazines…

All the £50 notes went early I think.




Along with the ladies from the South West Midlands who did a grand job manning the post all day.