Competition Cars

Page 10 in the most recent (August) edition of Soft Top Hardtop outlined the Car Competiton Categories for the up coming National Rally at Prescott Speed Hill Climb. The Councourse categoryy returns alongside Hot 5(performance), Cool 5 (modified) and Best Kept category.

With limited space filling up fast for Competion cars if you woudl like to enter your car please can you submit your entry details as soon as possible - the closing date for entries is Saturday 1st September.

As detailed in the magazine, please email your name, membership number, vehicle reg, year of manufacture and model information to

Peter will email out information in early September detailing the timings for competiton car arrivals and site information to allow for time to park and prepare for judging.

Just a reminder to folks to get your registrations in for the Competition Categories.

Closing date is 1st September.


Questions and registrations to


5 (Performance)


The key words in this
category are “Power
to weight” It’s
no good just having a big turbo if the car is weighed down with stereo


The winner will have
sacrificed everything in the name of speed. Practicality, style and comfort are
all irrelevant.


But a winning car can’t just be about power. Tires, brakes, suspension are all taken into
account and contribute to the final score.




at last year’s National Rally it is a full Concourse competition. Exclusively
for the Mk.1 MX-5 and Eunos Roadster, this competition caters for the rare
completely original cars with little or no modifications. This is because in
this competition points will deducted if a car deviates from standard or
modified with non-Mazda accessories.


is also required that all competitor wanting to take part in the concourse
competition pre-register. This is so that appropriate reference material can be
produced to aid in the judging process.


Cool 5 (Modified)


In this category we are
looking for the most unique mix of style and performance.


This category is for cars
with any level of modification. Points are awarded for the quality and uniqueness
of the modifications.


New for 2012, a score out
of 9 is given for the general condition of the vehicle. Also there is a style
bonus for overall effect.


Bonus points are awarded
for unique “one
custom made car parts. As well as custom graphics and paint work.




This category is all about cleanliness, the winning
car would be absolutely spotless. Bonus points are awarded by way of a mileage
accelerator, which is the cars age divided by the total mileage. Points are
awarded from 1 to 9, looking at 7
categories such as interior, exterior, engine bay and undercarriage.


This is for cars that are almost standard, so points are only awarded
for the conditions of the car not its modifications.


All vehicles must be driven to the
competition stand; no cars should arrive on trailers.


Mileage Bonus


Mileage bonus is now used in both the Cool 5 and
Best Kept competitions.


The point of the bonus is to give a score that represents the cars age
and mileage (and possible wear and tear) against the cars condition. In theory,
a car with very high age and mileage would have needed a great deal of time,
effort and money to bring the car up to competition level. This is what the
bonus is supposed to reflect. To make this system fair the formula works as


E.g.      Total mileage 75,000
(For Roadsters Km will be converted to miles)

                        Age 18


Dividing age by the total mileage gives you and average per year.          = 4166.66 miles


You then give one point for every 2000 miles (within 250 miles each way) = 2 points


This makes the effect on the score less dramatic and thus does not
dictate the final score.



well I’m in… Who else is in the competitions at the National ?


Looking forward to seeing you there, although I will be in the Mk1 Concours Comp, also displaying at Carfest North this weekend just praying the weather is kind.


Thank you very much for entering into the National Rally Car Competition.

This will be the last year under the current category’s and rules. We will be rolling out a new format for the 2013 Spring Rally.

We will be welcoming our new Judging team.

Could all competitors please try to be onsite for 09:00.

Judging will start at 10:00 for those that are ready.

If you are going up the hill as well, please email IainFleming ( and let him know.


I remind everyone that all cars must be driven on to site, with the exception of those entering the Concours category.