I had a great time at the Spring Rally, (despite some technical difficulties on my return journey). It was my first such event made all the more exciting as I also entered the competition. This leads me to my query: I got the impression that following the judging process I would get some feedback to steer me in further improving my car. However whilst I got a judging sheet, it just had a 1 in a few of the boxes, but no explanation as to what let the car down, or how I could improve should I want to enter in the future. Should I have seen someone or gone somewhere to obtain feedback or did my sheets just slip through the net?

Thanks to all involved in organising and running the event.



You should have asked at the time, at the Admin table at the end of the pits. The judge could then have been asked to fill in the details.

The judge is supposed to put down why he has marked you down

There should be a sheet for interior, exterior and engine (3 sheets)

I did get the 3 sheets, although the smattering of 1s doesn’t really give me much guidance. Sounds like a rookie error on my part - I didn’t know to approach the admin table.





Not necessarily a rookie error on your part.


I was asked to judge (my first time) the slightly modified MK2 class and MK3 class. I was learning on the job. My tutor explained that we should add a note to the score sheet to explain any mark deductions and in case of dispute. Certainly on the cars I judged the score sheets had comments to confirm why in our opinion marks were deducted. 

The 1’s you mention are simply a minus 1 for something the judges felt did not merit a full score of 10 in each individual sub-category. Each sub category has a potential total of 10 marks and each main category (interior, exterior, engine) has a potential of 100.

Maybe via MAL you could track down who judged your car and ask for their recollection of the marks deducted.

Incidentally I had the privilege of meeting some lovely owners (Dudley & Sheila) and would welcome the chance to judge again.

 Hope this helps.




When I had a “concours” standard MG Midget years ago and was a “judge” on many a show we had to record the reason why a point was deducted or at least ask/inform the owner why it was so.

Now I understand different rules for different clubs and to be far the conditions on the day were far from perfect (I take my hat of to the judges) it may just have been an oversight or the pen just did not work because it was sooooooo cold!. This is by no means an oversight by you as we all have to learn something new.

Lastly I walked around your car a few times and it’s a credit to you. Well done.


I think the fact that your car appears to have earned approval by those passing by is far more satisfying and rewarding than any part systematic/part subjective box ticking exercises.

I’ve been involved in 3 clubs over 40 years, namely Capri Club International, AutobahnStormers (an Opel Monza club)…and until a few years back this one.

I have to say, over the decades, I’ve witnessed a few disappointed owners who modfied and detailed their cars to perfection, and felt a bit miffed at some of the judging criteria.

The really important thing you cannot put a price on is the appreciations of your broader peer group of fellow Mk2/Mk2.5 enthusiasts which you appear to have earned in abundance and quite rightly so. 

When you get to age 66 as I have, frankly I find I give much less of a toss what people think or how they choose to judge me about anything. Arrogant? Or pragmatic? 


Pragmatic - comes with age Wink


Thanks all. I think i understand the system now. I certainly wasn’t complaining about not winning, the chap who won the class had an amazing car and clearly put a lot into it. I just wanted to raise the point because now I’m home, when the next opportunity to tinker presents itself, I’m not sure where to begin.

Thanks also for the kind words. There certainly were a lot of beautifully prepared cars there.