competitions details, times etc

Have joining times details been released/posted yet ? my entry was posted some time ago but no reply, also rang the people   to sort accom and was told non available! please clarify

Hi Mick,


Arrival information will be emailed out this coming week.

Some groundworks have made a few minor changes to plans and we are updating a number of issues for the event.


All other competition questions can be emailed to


.  I have not seen anything yet, am I too eager?


Chill out Mad Malc go and do some more cleaning if it helps I have heard nothing either I guess it will be next week.


Cleaning ! No one said the car had to be clean…omg…now im seriously worried.


Just received email with all the relevant information regarding the competitions 

Thanks Ian. 

Just checking/panicing…the competitions are open to Eunos Roadsters as well as UK editions?


Yes Grant, mine is a Eunos



Which Area won best stand ?

North East Midlands (again…)

It was just for fun and they shared the box of celebrations with all who visited after Fuzz and Ted left.

Bit of blatant flattery however seemed to have swung it