Condensation in my Side Light



I have condensation in my side light and have no idea how to get rid or stop it coming back.

Is it knackered?



mine does that!  probally heat from the engine one side and  the cold air outside. dont think it poses any problem.

hi simon… a simple solution to this… is to drain the light unit … by drilling a couple of holes just behind the lense … i used a 3mm drill bit and vs drill

regards jason

Mk.1?  The moisture gets in when the seal between the lens and grey plastic casing leaks.  Take it out and dry it out with a hairdryer, then you can reseal the seam with clear silicone.

As the other posts said, drill a small hole in it and then dry it with a hairdryer. This sorts the problem out for ages. BTW if the light is discoloured (cloudy) the renovo window cleaner does a good jobb of brightening it up. hope this helps.

I had that problem and spent ages with a hair dryer, getting rid of the condensation, it worked… all be it very slowly