Convoy from M6 (J16/17).

I’m fairly local to Oulton park and have been in touch with a few members so far so just throwing this out there.

If anyone is coming from the m6 and plans to exit at J17 or J16 then Crewe Hall would be a great place to meet up. I have called them and suggested that this may happen and they are more than happy to accommodate members.

There will be a buffet breakfast if anybody wants it from 8am (Not cheap but a darn site cheaper and better than the burger vans at Oulton or indeed a grubby service station!). I would suggest aiming to arrive around 8:15 - 8:30 and leaving Crewe Hall no later than 9:15 for a leisurely run to Oulton for gates at 10:00

(Google maps)

If anyone wants to meet here on the Saturday morning then please let me know so I can give them an idea of numbers.

The address is Crewe Hall, Weston Road, Haslington, Crewe CW1 6UZ, United Kingdom

Cheers! Andy (07919376969)

(Weather is looking good! )

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Oulton park do not have a burger van but they do have Chequers Restaurant that serve a great brunch all morning long.

There have been burger vans at every touring car/ superbike event i’ve been to.

Yeah chequers is ok. breakfast isn’t compulsory! :slight_smile:


I’ll see you there and you might be just in time to see me throw mine round the handling course.

oh I broke a rear spring yesterday so its going to be fixed Thursday night hopefully.


Yeah I’ll see you there Shaun! Hopefully that’s the last of your bad luck mate! 





I hope so, am taking my big camera as well so will send pics to you if you want

There maybe a burger van but cannot confirm as yet 

one less in the Q for breakfast Andy 




I’m not so sure, I do love a greasy burger 




You have about as much chance of seeing a Touring Car or a Super Bike this weekend as seeing a burger van.



A change of heart from Oulton Park now looks like you were correct after all, not one catering van but probably two or three in addition to Chequers restaurant.

It’s a hollow victory Ian. It looks like there will be two cars on my ‘convoy’ 



Will there be an ice cream van too ?? 

If it keeps you happy Teri, yes :slight_smile: