Convoy Opportunity

Hi All,

There are 3 or 4 of us starting a run from North Lincs (Gainsborough) to the spring rally at 07:00.  I have posted the route we will take below and if you want to join us then it would be ace to get a convoy going.  Aim is to arrive at Oulton at around 09:30.  No fixed details for meeting points as yet as I am just gauging interest and we won’t be able to stop many times or for long as I have to arrive on time to put our group stand/shelter up before gates open.  We could provide contact details for those interested and update along the way with ETA’s to certain points. any other ideas for a swift relay welcomed.  Route below.  Thanks. Matt

 Lincs Route

Hi Matt,

Did that very run in a van a few weeks ago.

Could you aim to arrive at 10.00 please, early cars may get turned back from the gates by the Gate staff which may cause more trouble than just arriving and driving in!

Gate staff will be easy to spot as they all work for NCP during the week so all will have a peaked cap and a smock.

Oh and of course the obligatory limp!!

Just joking see you all in four days.

No, I think you might be right

We hope to leave  and hopefully join the convoy about 8.30am hopefully you will be passing through Stockport on the m60

I think you’ll be slightly ahead of us at that time