Convoy to Belfast from Dublin on Friday 28th May?

If anybody’s going to the Spring Rally and arriving into Dublin (or Dun Laoghaire) Port on Friday afternoon (~1400-170 or so) and wants to head up to the Belfast area in convoy, let me know. Looking at the ferry times, I don’t think anybody will be, but if anybody’s arrived early (or lives around Dublin), and wants to do this, post away.

I’ll be leaving the south side (of Dublin) some time after 1500, but will wait if a ferry is due in.

On the Friday we will be making a dash from Athlone, up to the Giants Causeway, then back down the Antrim coast to Belfast / Bangor for the night.  You could always join us…

Hi Ramsay.  Sarah Jarrett and I will be arriving in Dublin on the Holyhead-Dublin swift ferry that gets in about 2.00 pm on Friday and then heading off to Belfast.  Happy to join up with you.

Cool, we’ll see if we can arrange something, or join up with Martin’s lot


Where are you coming/starting from Martin? - Athlone’s a bit of a strange place to be leaving from (since it’s in the middle of the country)

we arrive on Sunday, then do the bottom half of the country, then Wednesday and Thursday night its Athlone and the middle bit, then shoot up to the top bit… So, Wednesday or Thursday could be a trip to Dublin, I will keep you posted.

 Hi Martin,

Why the dash to the north coast? one of the Sunday runs is up the Antrim coast to Ballycastle for lunch then all afternoon to explore the Giants causway, Bushmills ect.


because on the Sunday we will be dashing South again for a ferry… Smile


Have you got a route/plan published anywhere Martin? How many people are coming over?

I can give a few pointers on (/lead) a route through Wicklow if people are interested. Around about 60-120 minutes, depending on the exact route, traffic etc.

we have 4 cars coming over.  Sunday night Waterford, Mon, Tues, is Killarney ( i think!), and doing ring of Kerry, then Athlone for two nights, and what ever is there, and then Friday and Sat in Bangor, and ferry home on Sunday from Dublin again…  We have no fixed routes yet…


Now we’re a bit closer to the rally, is anybody else heading up from Dublin/central Ireland Friday afternoon?


I know Martin & co. are now planning on leaving earlier in the morning. Eric/Sarah - are you still wanting to join up?

 Yes Please sounds good to me love a convoy and I am sure Eric will like this, means I cannot be blamed for getting lost!!! love it even better


Sarah (Mazda Chick){#emotions_dlg.thumb}

Hi Ramsay.  I’m still up for the convoy too.  I guess there will probably be others on the same boat who don’t use the Forum, so may pick up some more that way. Where do we meet up?

The Giants Causeway is the most disappointing thing ever with the single exception of finding out the large Creme Eggs are not full of fondant.

Getting down from the visitors centre to the causeway itself is probably nearly twice as long as you’ll want to spend at the bottom.

Nice I’m sure your just going to fit in fine with the folks 

in NI with comments like that, if you don’t have anything constructive

to say don’t say anything let other people make their own minds up.

Well, they’re welcome to go and make their own minds up. I do believe that I am entitled to my own opinion, but, maybe I’m not.

Oh and by the way, I AM one of the folks in Northern Ireland.