Correct body axle stand points

Hi all,

I’m planning to get the roadster up in the air over the next few days, to treat and seal underneath, sort the worn suspension etc.

Thing is it may be up there for a few weeks as I do it during evenings etc.

Are the sills considered the correct points to put stands under long time, or do you support it better elsewhere?

just thought I’d check…

Cheers …




As you list as an OC member have a look at the General Information section in Downloads; some really useful stuff in there.

Personally, there’s no way on gods earth that I would crawl on my back under a car on stands.

Regardless of where the stands are.


When I get under mine, I do so on a set of ramps, with the handbrake on, car in gear and chocks on the wheels which are on the ground.

I’ll take the car down and swap ends when I want to move to the opposite end.

I can crawl under safe in the knowledge that should anything give, at least the car will roll away from me.


I’m happy to have the car on stands when doing something like the brakes, but never where I have to lay on my back underneath.


But each to thier own.

I’ll do the great majority of it on ramps as I can get a lot more clearance with them, the suspension rebuild and under arches etc will be done on stands, with various other strategically placed pieces of wood…

Thanks for putting some words of wisdom on here though as too often I’ve seen people crawl under cars with it jacked on a small scissor jack!!



I’'m thinking of a Quickjack; uses the jacking points, and the car can be left safely in the air indefinetely

I only have a small garage at the top of a slope, not wide enough to get down both sides of the car.

A car on 4 axle props with the jack left underneath as well is something I have done for numerous jobs, underseal, exhaust etc, and perfectly safe. But do not place them under the sills.