Corten Miller Supercharger

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __NC 2.0 Sport
  2. I’m based near: __The Mersey Riviera
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __ Are there any members who have the Corten Miller supercharger on their NC ?

I’ve got one, the 250 pro kit

Niiice. I’m arranging one sometime in March to go onto mine.
I’ve had a run out in the two cars at Blink Motorsport and I was largely impressed.
I got the feeling of a 3 litre motor under the right pedal which was very satisfying.
How long you had your installation ? Did you fit yourself or get it supplied/fitted by others ?
How have you found it overall ? Not that it’s a real issue but how’s your fuel bills been affected ?

It was fitted at C-M in Friskney, Lincs. Been on 3 years now. I like the neat and well engineered installation. The power suits the car as the throttle is very easy to modulate in corners. No daft torque to trash the drivetrain. I fitted the racing beat manifold myself before taking it in.
Mpg does suffer a bit unless driven like the standard car. I have driven it in sub zero conditions in the UK and a 37 deg centigrade drive through france and spain. No heat issues ever noted. I kept under bonnet temp lower with a track dog racing exhaust blanket.
I wanted a durable, reliable power hike for the car which I intend to keep long term and that’s what it has given.
I have standard mid pipe and either standard or goodwin super q back box. The supercharger and manifold will make a loud back box too loud.

Thanks mk375, I’ve formed a good rap with the guys at Blink inside the last 9 months or so, they really know their MX5 onions and are really helpful.
I’ve had their “Optimized” power package on for about 4 months and it really improves the drive so I figured the CM SC was the next step.
I’m happy to hear it’s been free of issues for you. Looking at the relative “simplicity” of the concept and OEM like installation is good news too.
I’ll keep you posted as we go forward.

Hi reggie, I’m also super close to pulling the trigger on the CM charger,
I’ve been frantically collecting them pennies and putting them out of harms way!
I haven’t contacted CM or Blink yet but was going to in a week of so as I’m nearly there financially wise, and will be taking my car off sorn for March.
It would suit me to use Blink as I’ve used them before for alignment and was impressed with them, and it’s closer to me in West Yorkshire,
My question is, Blink quote quite a lot more then CM on their website for fitment of this system, have you any ideas why this may be please?
Thanks and good luck with your fitment,

My guess is because they’re buying the kit from Corten Miller. I think the difference is £500 if I recall.
In my case, I’m way way further from the CM place than I am from Blink and in the event of any “issues”, the service I’ve had from Blink thus far on my MX5 journey, it’s a small price to pay…
They will be looking after my NC in its entirety from now on. I’ve had great service from them and they do know their stuff. I’d like to think of it as a one off insurance premium.

Yes,I thought as much , I totally hear what your saying, the piece of mind and back up is probably worth the extra premium if it fits better with you.
Thanks again Kev

How does the CM charger compare with the BBR225 ITBs in price and performance? I have the full BBR200 kit so only be adding the ITBs for £3,000.

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The CM kit is more expensive but there is more hardware and I think the installation is maybe a little more involved but I will stand to be corrected ?

In performance terms I would say the CM kit develops more power and torque and develops it lower down the rev range. I like the idea of throttle bodies and I think in years to come the throttle body/cams etc solution from bbr will retain it’s value. I don’t want to rev out to 7.5k all the time however so the CM pro kit which sees peak hp at 6400 rpm or so suits me.