I am a new member from Coventry and  i would like to know the time and place of the next meeting in Coventry

can any one help?



Hi Frogga welcome to the grin club, the Phoenix fives based near Birmingham is our local club they meet in Solihull ,I think the next one is next Thursday, check out their website for full details ,there is 4 convoys one of which is from the McDonald’s on the Birmingham road near the ring road ( where office world and Morrison, s is ) in Coventry. Hope to see you around,. Steve

You need to look at the west midlands web site.        Or you could look at the South West Midlands web site.


The Phoenix Fives - West Midlands Area have their very own dedicated website and forum.

The majority of all our members use this facility to communicate with one another and to enjoy our community. This ranges from chit chat to event planning and everything in between. We have no rules other than keep it legal and friendly.





If you need any information on the Phoenix Fives or wish to get in contact then do so via the links above. We look forward to meeting you!