COVID has killed my Panasonic battery

No real requestion, but 9 months of occasional use, moving around on the drive, I think has killed the 3 year old factory-issue Panasonic battery in my NA MX5. Even when disconnected, its no longer really holding charge, and maybe its a battery issue that has lead to occasional hot start no starts.

Previously, in 2017, the car was in for welding that extended over 2 months, and during that time, the (then) 10 year old Panasonic battery just died, and the garage thoughtfully fitted a lead acid battery. Well, when the car was home, that came out, replaced by a brand new Panasonic. After all, these last 15+ years and don’t rot out the boot.

Just checked the no-brand lead acid battery that has sat in the garage for 3 years. Its still showing 12.2V…

I expect movement restrictions to continue for the next 6-9 months (at least). So the lead acid battery might go back in, boot lid kept opn in storage.

Check the electrolyte levels and plug it into a ctek or optimate / Accumate conditioner.

The Panasonic battery is an AGM style battery. Its not a wet cell battery.

Previous Panasonics I have had in 25 years of ownership have lasted a long while.

I didn’t realise the older NA model ran the newer style AGM battery.

I believe an AGM (Absorbed Glass Matting) battery is still a wet cell battery too. (Without getting too technical). Just another version of a lead acid battery. The wet acid is absorbed into the matting. Also sealed for life and can be made to any sort of shape and size.

The standard battery is what they call the “Flooded type” which may need topping up from time to time. But this also comes in a maintenance free version too.

Why I said AGM. It doesn’t take well to trickle charging. Occasionally ok, but the last year has been unusual, given the lack of use. It can’t be topped up.

Older NAs have the battery in the boot, so a lead acid job isn’t a great idea there.I suppose its ok if the boot lid is propped open. The one I have fits the tray perfecly. Its a bit taller than the Panasonic, but I have a turned bracket to fit.

I’ve never had a problem using a conditioner such as ctek on my AGM battery on my other car.
Maybe I’m lucky?

The instructions for my Aldi smart charger suggest to use the cold weather setting for AGM batteries