Croft 28th August

HI. Are there any spaces left for Croft MX5 day on 28th Aug?


I joined a few hours ago my first track day, excited. I guess fill in the form, if it allows you to pay, I assume it means there are spaces.


1: Check all the fluids are topped up
2: bring a helmet (thinking sparco club x1)
3: long sleeves

My First track day, (slightly terrified).

not worth doing more then my 3 step plan is it? just come along see if I fall in love, if I do then worry about different brake pads etc…


Been at croft today with mine, surrounded by much quicker machinery, don’t matter, you’re there to learn.

Switch off your inner car driver and trust the lightness and balance of your 5. Turn it in and it will go round.

Tyre pressures matter when they get hot, if you can, take a gauge and drop them after half a dozen laps

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Having fun, oh and I also took thousands of pictures so if you were here and want to have any pics of your car, prod me with your car info and I’ll see what we have.

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Have you got any for H119KMJ ?

Will look and get back to you. What colour approx, to make it easier to spot.

White mk1 with black stripe👍

Hello all, great day at Croft yesterday some really exciting sessions and plenty of sideways action. I noticed a lot of cars were recording onboard video and it would be great to see some clips. has anyone uploaded anything yet?

Err umm. I’m sure there should be at least one decent one but… here you go.


Another great track day at Croft with the club. Interesting weather for the morning !

A big thank you to those involved with the organizing, please book next year the same and some other tracks if we can share with others clubs etc

I have some in car video from the last session of the day, will post the link when ready to view


uploaded the in car from the last session of the day

if the link doesn’t work the file is Croft 2020 2


That was fun!
Basic idea of modifications if you have time?

its a 1992 mk1 running a Garratt T28 turbo, FM Link ECU, bigger injectors, intercooler etc etc


Had a great day.
Excellent footage :+1:


Looks like a good day out, but you seemed to be taking it a lot easier than you could. Were there rules against over taking?

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normal track day rules, overtaking only on the straights and by consent

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Oh I know that one. :pensive:
I spent (as a noob losing his track cherry) most of the day “making way” up to Clevaux!
I noticed the boost gauge spooling up & a few minor steering O/steer “corrections”…so you were still having a good bit of fun. Track a wee bit greasy here & there?

Brilliant to see some footage, thanks for sharing. We were the grey NC with the novice sticker on towards the end of the clip. We weren’t in front of you for long, you’d caught us by the start and finish straight and you passed us on the straight before Tower bend.

My son Matthew & I had an awesome day at Croft, it was really well organised and we had a cracking day. Thanks to all involved in organising it!