Croft Track Day for Club members only. If you have not got your track time booked yet, there are only 6 slots left for this fantastic opportunity. For more information on how to book just click on the link below to go to the club Motorsport page.

Club motorsport Croft track day. 

So gutted l’m away for this one! 

Croft is an epic track but unfortunatly we will be at Cadwell racing 

No , Cadwell is the epic track and Croft is nice , but unexceptional .

Can’t agree with that. 


Neither can I.

Croft is a great circuit and superb in an MX-5.



I have to agree with Both Nick and Iain, Croft is a great track, one of the best that I have driven on with the MX-5, but then we do try and get the best tracks for all club members.

I thought Cadwell was amazing - after Rodders’s recommendation, and Nick, Pete and Iain saying Croft is great, better than Cadwell, how can anybody resist?


Coming off the back of an Everyman Supercar Track day today, and reading this thread again… deciding to book was an easy decision - hope I can grab one of the remaining spaces!

Comparing Everyman with the aims of OC/MoT trackdays is easy - OC/MoT have great INSTRUCTORS (crikey - I need 'em)… Everyman have RESTRICTORS!!!  8 laps at Donny today vs xxx at Croft, for the same cash…

Maybe not a fair comparison…

Can’t wait for the Croft OC day, cheers, Tim

My team mates opening laps from Croft

Just booked on, just piked up my new Mk3 after 4 years in a Boxster, now back in my 4th MX-5. Looks like a good chance to get to know the car!



FYI for Pete - the trackmap image on the store is a map of Cadwell park, not Croft!