Really enjoying Crufts.

I’ve not had a dog for the last ten years…roll on retirement, it’s either another Border or i’m leaning towards a Patterdale.

My cavachon as a breed has just won under 12years best cross breed (handler not dog under 12 )


Sorry to muddy the water folks but to me Crufts = Kennel Club= Rules which encourage the attainment of perfection in breed identifying “characteristics” = Selective (in)breeding = Reduction of genetic pool = Increasing health problems and defects.  eg. Boxers, pugs and other “snub nosed” breeds with breathing and eating problems, German Shepherds with lower back and hip problems because of the desire to get the perfect “sloping” look, the list is quite long, ask any unbiased vet.  Crufts is good for breeders, bad for breeds, and the dogs themselves!