Curborough and Croft

Tickets for the remaining Motorsport Events will be online from 22nd June  from 10pm.

Sorry Ian just seen this again and can now see it say 10 tonight not 10 in the morning.

Hi I’m new to the form , where would you find the tickets for Croft?


From the club store, link in the main menu 



Remember you need to be a Club Member to access tickets at the big discounted rate - if you only take advantage of motorsport discounts/events, the fee is well worthwhile… add in the other events and activities, access to technical downloads, Halfords discount, magazine etc etc then membership is a bargain!

Cheers, Tim


Love these Curborough meets but unfortunately I missed the release of these tickets 

If anyone’s circumstances change and they can’t make it I’ll put my hand up for a ticket.  Preferably 2, then Suzy can drive also Tongue Out but beggers can’t be choosers eh!

I’ve entered my email adress into the store in case any come back in stock.


A cancellation has just come though for Curborough.

I have put the ticket back up on the store

Thanks Ian Smile