Current Emoji choice

I find that the choice of Emoji on the current site a real pain! There are just too many, mostly just variations on a few themes, and far too small! Those on the previous forum were ideal, just enough to cover most expressions, and a size that was visible without the use of a 10x magnifying glass!!!
I used to use them extensively on the previous site (much to the ? of other posters) but I think I’ve used to current choice once, if that!!! My opinion is that if possible to dump these and bring back the previous ones, if at all possible (“Hands clasped in prayer” emoji)!

Roger, the emojis are what they are, for the foreseeable anyway, best way is probably to learn a few shortcuts, the colon key : will activate the inline emoji and you can then either navigate the drop down or start typing letters relating to the emoji you’re looking for, for example (without spaces between the letters):

:smile: “:s m i l e:”
:eye: “:e y e:”
:airplane: “:a i r p l a n e:”

and so on…

Thanks Ian, I see what you’re saying, but it does seem a somewhat long-winded approach “whistle”
Ah well, I tried!!!


tried for whistle and nearest I could find with a quick look is wind_face :question:


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Thanks Ian. But what a palaver, rather than a simple choice from a couple of dozen possibles!!! “:thumbsdown”



Roger I might be missing the point here but as I access this site from my mobile phone I simply select my own emoji from my phone which stores ones I use regularly. :+1::oncoming_automobile::grin:

Hi Andrew. Thanks, but I don’t use a mobile phone/i-pad or whatever, just a bog standard lap-top, and on that these emoji are virtually indecipherable! I think I’ll just go without, for me it’s just too long-winded and life’s just too short!!! We’ll see how it goes. Thanks again!!! :+1:

WOW! It worked! Wonders will never cease!!!

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I’m just glad that awful headbutt/wall one doesn’t seem to have made its way over. It was my first request of the current Club Chairman when he took over that he ensure it didn’t! :laughing:

Never has an emoji been used as consistently unnecessarily as that one was. (Cue unnecessary headbutt/wall emoji…)

And anyway now we have :eggplant: and :cherries: and :peach: and :taco: too so we can all lower the tone. What’s not to love? :innocent:

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Sorry, those things are just too small to identify! :tongueincheek



Is that one above actually sticking two figures up?