Customer Service - MX5 Parts Above & Beyond

I’m not prone to gushing praise of many things, but wanted to highlight the brilliant support I’ve received from Mark at MX5 Parts recently. It seems MX5 Parts often get brickbats thrown their way - I’ll redress the balance a bit with a bouquet!

I’ve been helping a neighbour fix a small issue with his Mk3 aerial, with little success - a quick email to MX5 Parts provided guidance, without expectation of order/reward. Mark went out of his way to draw a product from stock, take various photos and gave description to solve the problem.

I have absolutely no affiliation with them at all - really outstanding service quite rarely seen nowadays that I thought deserved highlighting! Thank you Mark!

Cheers, Tim


I’ve spent a small fortune with them over the last year and i too have never had any issues whatsoever, even when i did have to return something which i’d bought in error there was no drama, so i have to agree with this!


My personal experience mirrors yours - I had replacement front calipers from them, replaced them, boxed up the old ones to send back for the reconditioning rebate.

They got put in a cupboard.

I sent them back almost two years later when I found them again… And they refunded me the rebate with no fuss, before I’d phoned them to ask about it!


Used Mx5Parts for probably 15 years for both our Roadster & Sport.
Ok…sometimes if you can be bothered you might find cheaper same-code options but equally there have been times when they were cheaper. Either way, not one solitary problem all these years.
As our cars get older ( mine being 27 years) I do tend to seek out Andrew@ Autolink first for odd ball bits. Pure economic sense. I’d use Mx5Parts next if Andrew could not help.


Some of the bling’s a bit on the expensive side but you have a choice there, to buy it or not.:grin:
But that apart I agree, top notch service always received here.:+1:


A few rally’s ago I brought a interior chrome lighting set, it came with German instructions, so I translated them with the help of Google, didn’t really help. So onto the IL Motorsports website and their English fitting instructions, yes they are better but for the installation I need apart from various screwdrivers and pliers, 1 small mechanic!

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