Cutting out at idle but runs fine with throttle pressed

  1. My model of MX-5 is: mk 2.5
  2. I’m based near: Rutland __
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __cutting out at idle
    Just wondering if anyone has had exact same symptoms to save me going through all possibilities.
    Car starts fine and will tick over fine for 1 to 2 minutes but then revs drop for a few seconds sometimes picking up again and sometimes cutting out. Will start again straight away. Symptoms exactly the same hot or cold and when out on the road drives absolutely fine just won’t tickover smoothly.
    Any suggestions ?

I had same problem on my Eunos, stalled at roundabouts/lights as well when stopping. FOund some shards of blue plastic on the carpet.

Found a small blue plastic bung on the (from memory 3 years ago) clutch pedal arm had broken up. Temp fix was a 1p coin taped over the hole so that a microswitch connected instead of going into the hole on the arm. New bung from MX5parts fixed it permanently.

It was a while ago, so check all the pedals. Hope it helps!


Thanks will check that

Was air flow meter. All sorted now