Dab radio

Anyone fitted a dab radio to a mk1 mx5

If so wss it easy

Do you have to fit another, aerial

Yes and Yes
Fitting the radio in the dash is just like fitting any other radio; ensure that you have the correct metal sleeve which ought to come with the radio. And you will also need the correct leads to fit between radio and car, this may not come with the unit but you can pick one up dirt cheap on ebay.
You will need a new aerial. I used one of the ones with a magnetic base. I ran the lead under neath the centre console, into the boot through the gap behind passenger seat. It detaches so I keep it in boot when not in use.
Oh and the radio sounds great !

As above but I used a through glass mobile stubby aerial on the corner of the windscreen.

Halfords fitted my AVH X3500DAB


They also fitted a active DAB windscreen aerial from DAB On Wheels


Reception has been very good, on the odd occasion DAB dropped out the radio automatically switches to the corresponding FM station

I got some Halfords gift vouchers for Christmas and used them on a DAB radio for my Mk1. I didn’t want the hassle of a second aerial so I bought a DAB splitter from these guys…


It works very, very well. I understand that if your car has a vertical aerial over 30cm in length you can get away with a splitter. Mine works amazingly well, better than my factory fit Ford DAB reception on my other car.

The unit from Halfords was their own brand and has Bluetooth, usb, SD card, hand free phone etc., it was £80 and I’m really pleased with it.