Damn That Spring Rally!!!

There I was, being good as gold keeping my wallet in my pocket, when up pops Chris from MX5Parts to show me the brand new LED rear light replacements for the Mk1…

A hundred quid or so later I’m in the car park, with my Leatherman, head buried in the boot (sorry to all that walked past a builders bum hanging out the back of a red car, as well as his jeans!)

Anyway. Long story short, they look great, Mrs E agrees (sigh of relief) and I then got the giggles watching everyone leaving the sales tents (and some in their cars) with precariously balanced boxes of varying size from just plain big to ginoferous!

Oh well, budget blown for the month but what a cracking day!

Thanks all in the YR group for their hard work, as a relative newbie to the club, and the area I’ve met more people in the last 48hrs I would be happy to call a friend than I have in the last 10 years.

Big Smiles [:D][:D][:D]


They look great !!! … I can sense new rear lights on my car soon [;)]

I saw you as you left and thought they looked great ‘in the flesh’.

I agree MX5parts has been evil and almost put me into financial crisis!

Was so tempted by the stainless steel exhaust (£109 only!) and a couple of bits and pieces, I walked in and out of the tent for about 5 times and staring at the exhaust for 10 minutes, but then I decided not to spend money on exhaust as I don’t have much spare money at the moment… BUT still managed to spend £10ish on service parts

MX5Parts should not put a stand in any rallies, they should give a long-term members offer at anytime 365 days a year so we will be tempted at all times!


BTW thanks for the forum ID ‘card’, I put them on my windscreen not sure if you noticed my car? BRG mk1 with chrome windscreen frame

Lights and stripes looking good Jon…  tried to get them graphics people to come along but they were busy


 hi clement, i missed the rally this year sad to say, i noticed you mention chrome screen surround, do you have any info on these,i saw a mk i fitted with same a few months ago and thought they looked the dogs,   regards  l

here is my car with chrome windscreen surround fitted…


the chrome surround came witht the car when I bought it, but I would have fitted them myself anyway if it didnt came with the car
I don’t know what make is the one on my car as they fit a little bit different from what I found on ebay, but should give same effect
I saw some cars also fitted chrome windscreen surround on sunday, which I think they bought from the ebay seller

You can get them off ebay £139 or best offer, here is the link


I think it really sets the car off if you have a red/black/BRG/dark colour car, probably won’t work well if you have white/silver/yellow one

Hope this helps

Cheers Ady, really easy to fit and I cannot recommend them enough, I took the car into work today (yeah ok, to show off a little) and even the MX5 critics had to agree they look nice.

Glad you found the Forum ID useful Clement, I had a quick look round the parking area before I left and saw your car, love the 'screen surround, really adds a toucj of class.

Mick, did you get the details from Nick D? I emailed him re the National Rally after the lady that did my stripes said she would be interested in a stand there too.

See you all soon I hope.



I didn’t see your car, but I might have seen you. (wasn’t sure though so I didn’t introduce myself - I’m sometimes a bit shy like that in real life) You were milling around the best kept cars at the back when i think I saw you. If it was you, sorry for not saying anything.


No, you Cc:'d me into the same email to Nick D :)  I will follow up this for the 15/20

Thanks mate. [:D]


I have spent quite a lot of time investigating the best kept, cool cars etc. I think I am easily recognizable because so far in the day I haven’t seen any other Chinese/Asian at the place

I have been stalking your car… haha


I ruddy knew it was you. Imagine how much of a pillock I would have felt walking up to some random Chinese/Asian guy and it wasn’t you though!




as seen on crime watch and Britains most wanted!!!

reward £1.50

ha ha ha [:P]

I’ll nick the discs and you can have the wheels

I thought the windscreen surround looked nice.

I took a small video of it here, after the Jet.


I had hit list of who I wanted to meet during spring rally, and you were one of them! I have been stalking your car but I couldn’t see the driver, how disappointed!

Other people including some South Wales members who I never had a chance to meet, unfortubately maybe I was blind and I couldn’t see the Welsh flag. Also didn’t know the cool yellow MK1 was from a fellow South Wales member! I should have done more research!