Darn! Misplaced my pass.

Was initially unable to attend, but looks like I may be able to now. Anyone not going willing to send me their pass?



Just come with your membership card.

Will be a bit of a delay getting through the gate without a pass, but ok with your card.

Thanks. That’s useful to know. If I can make it this will be my first Rally.




Just to confirm, if we have mis-placed our pass is there no way to ‘re-print’? I have my membership card, just worried I might not get in for some reason!

Also my first rally :slight_smile:


As confirmed above by Iain F. membership card is fine, there may be a small delay at the gate.

Thank you Ian

Also, do it apply to a passenger? Cant remember what was written on the pass but will bringing the girlfriend. 


Thanks in advance, 



Your membership card always admits yourself and a passenger so don’t worry, you need to arrive/walk in together at the point of check in, usually this is all made clear when you arrive so do keep your card handy for this.

The pass is for the car, not for the amount of passengers (i know it’s a two seater, just saying)


People do come in MPVs! hence member +1 pass limit, though children under 15 are free.